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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Sunday, September 26, 2010
So I finished my hell week, but I didn't take out time to blog because there's nothing interesting happening anyway. Maybe there is, but I didn't take any photos so I can't remember.

I really need to use my camera more often.

Oh and I dyed my hair like 3 weeks back?

It's not so red already, in fact it's the colour I wanted it to be in the first place. But I guess in a week's time it will probably change again. Feel like having a colour change again though, was thinking dark brown with streaks of gold :)

Had an extremely unproductive weekend, I think I slept most of it away. Feeling slightly down because T is currently on a flight to Chicago now and I won't get to see him till Oct 5 *pouts

In the past, I used to think that couples who spent all their time together are stupid and they should get their own lives. But now, I just wanna spend ALL my time with him, or at least 90% of it. I just feel more at peace with him around, even if he's in the next room working.

When there's that person that can't stand to be away from you and you from them... that's REAL love, not just a fairytale -TLS
Sunday, September 19, 2010
I finally have the time to sit in front of my laptop and drift a little. This past week has been lecture week, AKA hell week.

7 days of lectures consecutively. And work has been extremely busy the past week!

Thankfully lectures are over. In 4 weeks time, I am to finish reading 34 papers/textbook chapters and complete my 3000word essay. In 5 weeks time, I would have to sit for an exam.

For now, I have to start on my first reading and prepare for the presentation tomorrow.

I miss spending time with T.
Day8-Akihabara + Home!
Friday, September 10, 2010
I had wanted to go to a maid cafe but I didn't do any research about it beforehand. And all the days I was in Tokyo, it was at the back of my mind since I had so many other places I wanted to visit too.

But Ken's comment on FB reminded me that I had to go at least once, so T and I googled. Sunday was really a mad rush. I wanted to go back to Shibuya first to get my Lush fix, so T went to Akihabara to find out the exact location of the maid cafes.

There's a lot of maids giving out flyers and if you are interested, they will bring you to their cafe :)

And the one we went to was *drumrolls* THIS! even got girls greeting us before we enter the building.

If you notice, most of the crowd are guys. And this is the only time in Tokyo that I actually felt out of place. They stare at you as if you are some alien, and speak loudly as if they were criticising you. How I wish I could give them a slap to wipe the smirks off their face!

Anyway, as we were in a rush of time, we ordered a dessert set to share. It was damn ex, 1200yen for a normal cake and drink.

Oh well, the price we pay for experience ._.

We weren't supposed to take photos with the maids but she was new and didn't know the rules. Thank god we escaped paying LOL...

Rushed back to the hotel to catch the limo bus to the airport and there was a minor incident at the customs area. They didn't allow me to bring my Lush mask in since it's liquid. It's not liquid la, it's semi-solid. But thank god, we managed to check in another bag and I proudly present to you my Lush goodies!

There's my usual Mask of Magnaminty, plus a fresh-food mask which only last for 2 weeks, body scrub, body lotion and massage bars.

Yes, I am a lush addict! They all smell super yummy :D

And I was flipping through the on-flight magazine and casually pointed out a bracelet that I thought was nice since my previous one from KL (lousy thing) broke.

Ta-da! He usually isn't so attentive de lor hahahah....

All in all, I had an awesome trip. Honestly, I dont mind that I had to tour the place myself. In fact, it is much better because I get to do whatever I want at my own pace. Plus we still get to have dinner together every night :D

I wonder when's my next Tokyo trip. I need a holiday!
Day 6 - Disneyland


Getting to Disney was a bit challenging, although we do not have to get out of the station to change to another company's railway, we still gotta walk a damn long way to the other line! Tokyo station is really huge, thank goodness for the signs along the way.

Very picture intensive post, enjoy!

I love Tinkerbell!

We saw a lady on our way in wearing the cutest hairband ever, and I wanted one too. So the first thing we did when we stepped into Disney was to go to their gift shop to get the perfect hair accessory.

as you can see, I get distracted easily. Instead of trying on hairbands, I tried on the shades first heh ;)

Totally regret not getting a Minnie cup! >:(

And the search for the hairband continues.............

Finally settled on being Marie Cat. Kawaii ^.^

Saw this girl decked in her outfit and couldn't resist asking her mom if I could take a photo of her. She shyly obliged and even "twisted" for me.

Disneyland is being divided into different lands. I didn't see any rides that interest me at all SIGH. So we just anyhow picked a few.

The ride was super boring -__-

Baby's favourite character! I never knew anyone who liked Dumbo.

Waited 45 mins for Peter Pan. It was a little cool with the lights and all. But not very smooth as there were way too many turns.

There were a lot of events happening on ground too.

I like the fact that each house was decorated exquisitely. Entering each house makes you feel like you really stepped into the character's world!

Hmm I rmb we stopped somewhere for a light lunch and had mickey-shaped nuggets. Too bad I didn't snap a photo of it.

And finally the much-awaited parade!

The shoes that accompanied for 8 days. It's only $30 for 2 if I never rmb wrongly. Totally digging ribbon flats!

My favourite part is the Disney Princesses appearance of course!

My favourite princess is Cinderella. What about urs? :)

Buzzlightyear is wayyyy cooler than Woody!

I would love to dress up as Tinkerbell for Halloween but how?!

Mickey's house had the longest q, so we went to Minnie's only.

We didn't wanna go on anymore rides, so we just chilled on a bench eating something that is long and yellow. No idea what is that called but it is yummy!

By the time we headed out, the sun had already set. I kinda regret not going to Disneysea, so perhaps next time. Actually, my whole point of going Disneysea is to get Duffy.

Isn't he cute?!!